Griffin Boustany

Chief Executive Officer

Griffin founded the Boustany Film Company in 2014 at Penn State University. The original business plan for the company was created there by Griffin and the other founding partners. While at Penn State, Griffin c0-directed Dear Old State with Ryan Blaschak and eventually the company purchased the rights to the film to release it under the Boustany Film Company and raise money for children with pediatric cancer. Griffin directed projects from a very early age learning from his grandfather, Paul Boustany and watching lots of movies with him. Throughout his life, Griffin has worked on film projects ranging from foreign documentaries, music videos, travel videos, short films and eventually weddings and real estate. Griffin won his first film festival awards in 2009 for Critics Choice and Best Director at the 2009 KAT Film Festival for his advertisements on the dangers of tobacco with children. In addition to his experience in the film industry, Griffin previously interned at ArcelorMittal in corporate planning and spent four years at General Motors. While at General Motors, Griffin spent time in logistics quality, aftersales engineering, fleet and then eventually supply chain. He created a process that took information from logistics and supply chain databases to change the frequencies that parts are ordered from suppliers with an initial cost savings of approximately $6,000,000. While doing that, he created a proposal to market vehicles to millenials and retain them as lifelong customers with Matthew Walczak. They presented this ideas in a Shark Tank style format to Steve Hill (Vice President US Sales & Service) and the idea was taken over by the incentives team. He then moved to Hartford, Connecticut as a District Manager of Aftersales for Buick/GMC where he grew the parts and service business by 5.2% while he held the district. In addition to that, Griffin created a career fair where he matched his Buick/GMC dealers to new talent looking to become technicians at their dealerships to help them grow their businesses. He then was promoted to manage the Boston South district for Chevrolet where he grew the parts and service business by 10.03% and was awarded the #1 Chevrolet District Manager of Aftersales in the Northeast Region for General Motors. During this time, Griffin also oversaw the initial production sequences in American Automotive which would be filmed through 2019. One special project Griffin completed in this role was also working with his mentor, David Marsh (General Director, Field Operations previously Regional Director Aftersales for the Northeast Region) to create a business planning tool to help other district managers grow their business. During the first few days of 2018, Griffin moved from Boston to Fort Worth, Texas to transition to a Strategic Account Manager position at GM Financial where he helped dealers in various markets grow their vehicle sales business through GMF programs and solutions. Later in 2018, he moved to Columbus, OH where he served as the GM Financial Account Manager for Chevrolet and helped to grow the Chevrolet business and GMF market share. While working in Columbus, Griffin had the opportunity to meet Mark Wahlberg and Jay Feldman while transitioning Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet’s GM Financial Floorplan and Mark Wahlberg used a photo that Griffin had taken of his Camaro to announce the opening of their dealership on social media. At the end of 2018, Griffin moved back to Michigan to become the CCA Sales & Marketing Business Operations Manager and work for Eric Cunningham (Executive Director, CCA Sales and Marketing) who was also an incredible mentor and coach for Griffin. There he helped Eric by running his business operations team including processes such as Go To Market, the Dealer Fixed Operations Advisory Board, dealer meetings, dealer/field programs, special projects and mentoring new employees. Griffin retired from General Motors in August of 2019, and continues to advocate for General Motors in all that he does. In addition to serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Boustany Film Company, in September, Griffin was appointed the position of Vice President of Business Development at Masterpiece Financial Services. Griffin grew the film company in the first five years to expand to multiple markets in the Northeast with multiple brand and product offerings including two films.