The man who inspired us

Paul Boustany

Paul Boustany was born on September 11 in 1930 in Egypt. He was in the Egyptian Army and after he finished his obligatory commitment he went into the private sector. He was employed by Delta Trading Company in Cairo. He started as an assistant in the department of accounting and rose to an executive with power of attorney for billing and signing checks. He was in his 20’s when he started there. Shortly thereafter, Paul emigrated to the United States of America. He landed with his wife and his family in New York City on June 30th of 1962. He had $300 in his pocket (that’s all they would let him take out) and a few suitcases. Paul, his wife Mary and their first son, Jean-Pierre Boustany lived in a Hotel in Manhattan at the beginning. He also worked various jobs including a night clerk at hotel in the Bronx where the Yankees would stay or visit. He also was a Fuller Brush door to door salesman. On weekends to try and earn extra income, Jean-Pierre accompanied him on some of his Fuller Brush adventures. JP recalls “One Saturday we knocked on 150 homes and only 4 people bought something and one nice lady gave us some lemonade.  I can’t imagine his commission from that day was very much..” While working all these various jobs he went to school at night at New York University and earned a degree in Business Administration. He also worked for a corrugated box company in the Garment District. He turned that company around and made them quite a bit of money. They called him the J.C. Of the 20th century. At Christmas they gave him a $90 bonus and he was very Insulted. He told them “I don’t take tips” and quit the position. He then worked for an advertising agency Cahill. Cahill had 2 Partners.  That is where Paul honed his skills on the side and learned how to bid on production jobs. He worked as a bookkeeper and accountant for Cahill but he wanted to be a producer. Meanwhile, Mr. Cahill liked Paul very much and heard that Mr. James Garrett was looking for a young producer for the New York City office. Cahill reached out to Mr. Garrett and told him that he should meet Paul.  A meeting was arranged and James Garrett looked at Paul Boustany and asked him, “Is this the hot new producer that people have been talking about”? Paul replied “Yes” and the rest is history. Jean-Pierre worked with him out of the New York City office where he was Managing Director/CEO for James Garrett & Partners.

Below are some of the people he worked with:

Filmmakers & Directors

Nicolas Roeg
Richard Loncraine
Karel Reisz
Ridley & Tony Scott
Brian Tufano
Richard Lester
Michael Butler

Paul Boustany, Mary Boustany & Griffin Boustany

Paul Boustany, Mary Boustany & Griffin Boustany

Paul Boustany & Nick Roeg (filmmaker) in-between takes on the set

Paul Boustany & Nick Roeg (filmmaker) in-between takes on the set

Actors & Actresses & Athletes

Betty White
Rene Russo
The Rolling Stones
Art Garfunkel
Theresa Russell
Rand McNally III & IV
Sharon Stone (He gave Sharon Stone one of her first jobs as a Revlon model)

Some of the campaigns he worked on:

British Airways
American Express
Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Peugeot Cars
Remy Martin
Coca Cola
Diet Rite Cola
Rand McNally
Land O’Lakes

He left James Garrett and Started Paul Boustany & Associates Productions, INC. in 1978

He inspired Griffin Boustany (Grandson) to start the Boustany Film Company in his name to change the world through film and create inspiring content that change people’s lives.