American Automotive

Director: Griffin Boustany

Director of Photography: Ryan Blaschak

Producers: The Boustany Film Company, LLC

Expected Release: December 2019

Description: The future of the Automotive Industry is changing rapidly. It will change more in the next few years than it has in the last few decades. We explore some of the technologies and industry trends that the public is about to experience focusing on how the American Automotive industry is driving these innovations.



Dear Old State

Directors: Griffin Boustany & Ryan Blaschak

Directors of Photography: Ryan Blaschak, Griffin Boustany, Nathan Larimer

Producers: The Boustany Film Company, LLC

Release: April 2015

Description: Dear Old State was a documentary that Griffin Boustany and Ryan Blaschak directed when the company was first started and the team was still attending Penn State University. They created this 30 min film to highlight what the PSU community does to change the world and the Boustany Film Company, LLC donated a portion of the proceeds of the film to help children with pediatric cancer with the Four Diamonds Fund and Penn State’s THON. The film was sold on DVD at various locations in State College, PA including the student book store.